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Posted by Coldwell Banker Murray Real Estate, Inc on 9/6/2016

Did you know that Americans spend nearly as much on back-to-school shopping as they do during the holidays? If back to school shopping is breaking your bank account here are a few ideas to help decrease the financial impact: 1. Spread it out. Shop year-round for back to school purchases. 2. Wait. The kids don't need 3 packages of crayons on the first day. Buy over time to allow for what is really needed. Smooth the financial impact by buying over time. 3. Avoid trendy items. Your kids don't need the hottest gift or gadget, stick to the basics. 4. Have a budget. Shopping will be less costly when starting with a budget. Try shopping during sales and at discount stores. 5. Build a shopping list. A list will keep you on track and allow you to avoid impulse spending. 6. Shop at home. Don't forget to go through your home to see what you already have. 7. Swap supplies. Check with your friends and neighbors to see if you can swap any needed items. 8. Save all year. Put money budgeted for back to school purchases into a savings account. 9. Get the kids involved. Start the teaching and learning process early. Teach your kids how to shop and make wise choices.